Volkswagen Multivan 2021, the two-tone minivan to travel the world

The new Volkswagen Multivan 2021 offers a wide variety of versions, finishes and intermediate engines for all tastes and needs.

We are talking about the heiress of the super mythical Volkswagen Bulli that is now facing the new decade within a process of electrification and semi-automatic driving. The New Multivan 2021 has a diesel, gasoline and plug-in hybrid engine and in 2022 it will launch its 100% electric version under the name IDBuzz, within the strategic process that the brand is following. Know more about vw volkswagen t3 ne shitje.

Its clear MPV character reverts to the lines of the third generation Bulli with a contrasting body color generated by its two-tone look, and incorporates a longer forward bonnet under the windshield that also adds a noticeable sense of modernity.

The New Multivan 2021 is a large minivan, which varies depending on its short or long variant.

VOLKSWAGEN Multivan 2021Length mAnchura mHeight mBatalla mtrunk liters
Short version

Large version











The indicated trunk capacity has been calculated at its maximum levels, folding the two rear rows of seats.

At an aesthetic level, there is no doubt, the new Multivan 2021 maintains the DNA of all its predecessors , although with a more aerodynamic and imposing variation, reaching a drag coefficient ( Cx of 0.30, which has been one of the key briefings to when designing this new generation, since the brand seeks the car’s aerodynamic efficiency: the lower the Cx, the less aerodynamic resistance to the car’s progress and, therefore, less consumption and more performance.

It has a front that smiles at the eyes and new very striking IQ.Light optical groups. Its profile provides two highly differentiated areas highlighted by its two-tone paint (optional) in addition to imposing alloy wheels of up to 19”.

All the functionality and practicality of the car has been very careful with its two large electric doors that are equipped with “hands-free” technology that is operated with the foot.

The rear has also been remodeled with two large very sharp pilots and notable aerodynamic appendages next to the glass, achieving a truly identifying rear view.

Digitized interior and much more spacious

More modularity and better use of interior space, in addition to a very notable digitization with a standard “Digital Cockpit” instrument panel and “Ready 2Discover” infotainment system, and with a large screen that provides multiple connectivity options.

Thus, most of the physical controls disappear, keeping the special light control and regulation keys and developing a “Premium” interior environment with a very generous panoramic roof and very welcoming ambient lights.

It has a new rail system to comfortably combine its 7 seats with independent seats, with a multipurpose table when folding the second row seats, being much less heavy for its mobility (25% lighter).

The rear seats can be rotated 180º and are easy to remove to achieve ample interior space and transport large packages as easily as a bicycle.

The electronically controlled automatic transmission and the electric parking brake have been located in the center console, taking up less space.

electrified thrusters

For the moment and until the normalized use of electric vehicles is sufficiently expanded, as well as the recharging structures are sufficient, Volkswagen’s strategy with its new Multivan is to play all available propulsion sticks .

In fact, it is launched on the market with diesel, gasoline and plug-in hybrid (eHybrid) engines and with Multivan “Life” and “Style” versions , thanks to the use of the group’s transversal modular platform, specially created for “MQB” electrified vehicles. .

In diesel, a single 150 hp TDI engine is offered, while in gasoline, turbocharged 4-cylinder engines with 136 and 204 hp are used .

The eHybrid version develops a combined total power of 218 CV (160 kW) with a 13 kW/h capacity lithium-ion battery that provides a range of 50 km in fully electric mode, being able to develop speeds of up to 130 km/h. tip in that mode.

All versions and engines are managed with a standard DSG automatic gearbox , with 6 ratios in the plug-in hybrid version and 7 speeds in the rest of the variants. As we have mentioned, a 100% electric version will be added to the range later and it will surely be the ultimate goal of the brand for the Multivan model.

As far as equipment is concerned , the most notable novelties in the model are:

  • Power liftgate with foot gesture control (optional)
  • Illuminated grill bar
  • Matrix-IQ-Light LED headlights (optional)
  • Standard LED taillights
  • Electric opening and closing sliding doors
  • New panoramic sunroof
  • Driving assistance systems are significantly increased , with up to more than 20 systems, depending on the version, being standard:
    • Predictive adaptive cruise control “ rive 
    • Dynamic Projection of Traffic Signs
    • Car2X local alert  system
    • lane keeping system
    • Front Assist area monitoring system  with City Emergency Brake
    • Travel Assist system (semi-automatic driving up to 210 km/h)

As for prices , the new Volkswagen Multivan 2021 starts at a PVP of €46,379 (with all available offers and discounts it stays at €37,638 ) and can reach up to a PVP of € 77,585 ( € 76,109 with discounts and promotions).