Valheim is one of the most popular video games of recent times, an action survival adventure in a world of heavy Nordic influence. The survival genre has had great exponents in recent years: Rust, ARK: Survival Evolved, and now it seems that exploring and fighting monsters in a Viking environment is the perfect recipe that has earned Valheim becoming one of the phenomena of the last weeks.

It’s important not to confuse Valheim with the new Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla , as Ubisoft ‘s Assassin Cult title has a totally different aesthetic, production values, and goal. But why does Valheim have so many fans? We analyze the phenomenon and its contributions to the world of video games.

Success from the first week

The Early Access (Early Access) Valheim was a success, with more than 1 million sales on Steam in its first week. The proposal is that of a brutal survival game with procedurally generated scenarios and inspired by the Viking tradition. The challenge, stay alive and build our journey and our home with the nod of Odin and the pantheon of Norse gods.

The game costs just 16.79 euros and provides access to all the mechanics and elements that the developers of Iron Gate AB have created to make our passage through the world of Valheim fun and full of action. The proposal of infinite environments that we can explore alone or in cooperative mode invites us to lose ourselves for hours in a Viking-style purgatory where goblins, monsters and bloodthirsty warriors will make things very difficult for us . Survival is a brave thing, and our duty will be to achieve survival at all costs.

Regarding the early status and the final version, the developers have explained that they want to work on the best possible title, so it may be in early access condition for at least a year. This implies modifications, changes and regular updates that will allow to improve the game experience according to the objective of developers and players alike, since the comments and ‘feedback’ of the players is essential to create an attractive title and that it continues to be as interesting for the gamer community. At the moment, Valheim has succeeded.

Tips for surviving in Valheim

  • Swimming and exploring the depths and shores of Valheim will surely be interesting for you. But be careful, because if you lose all your stamina your character will start to lose energy and you can die by drowning. It is not a very heroic form for a Viking warrior.
  • The shield is a fundamental element to survive the hordes of enemies that will surround you when you least expect it. Do not waste time making a shield and then improve with new materials so that it has resistance and is an indispensable ally in battle.
  • Don’t be afraid to withdraw. Some battles may be impossible at any given time, but if you have a good strategy you can regroup and try again. Don’t think that being a hero is simply attacking head-on and without thinking.
  • To survive you will have to start looking for resources from the first moment . It does not matter if you still do not have tools to convert that raw material into objects, resources are the cornerstone of your advancement in the game and your survival, do not waste time. Collect, save and then transform.
  • To survive you will also have to use your exploration and mapping skills wisely. The correct use of the markers on the map is your best ally to know where you will find the best resources.
  • A bed and a campfire serve to create a ‘spawn’ point in case your character dies . And sadly, that is going to happen. Survival games like Valheim always, sooner or later, end with our character losing all his life points. Fortunately, we will be able to rest and return to the load from our home.
  • There is no additional cost to repair equipment, so don’t forget to go on an adventure with your weapons and armor in good condition. This guarantees good attack power and adequate levels of defense . Otherwise, you will find that even enemies that you previously defeated easily are now a problem.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to explore and make the most of the dilapidated buildings that you find on the map. Inside there you will surely find treasures, resources and elements to continue improving. Of course there are risks, but the rewards are almost always much more important and warrant improvements that will help you move forward in a hostile environment that does not give up. To survive in Valheim you have to dare to fight and keep improving, and the dilapidated and abandoned buildings are an excellent place to find new elements.