This is the electric guitar that works only with the neck

The guitar is a very characteristic instrument of our culture, but it is also characteristic of many other musical genres. Rock, pop or jazz are some that also use it in its electric version and more than one would like to have their instrument always at hand. Unfortunately these are heavy and if it is not in your own suitcase you have no possibility of carrying it unless you simplify the device. This is done by Mimicorda, who have created an electric guitar that only has the neck.

This is the electric guitar that works only with the neck

Everyone is more or less clear about the basic composition of a guitar. At least everyone has a mental picture of what the apparatus is like, with its strings, a soundboard, the neck and the frets. But the Mimicorda company has come up with the solution of simplifying the entire structure to only have one neck with the strings.

The instrument has a 19-inch extension , enough to build a neck with the strings taut with a small electrical circuit that it has at the bottom as a box. In this base you will have a series of dials with which to adjust the strings with a tool and, as it could not be missing, you also have the possibility of having an input to connect headphones or an amplifier.

The operation is very similar to that of a guitar , saving the fact that it does not have the body to support the instrument . You will have to put it on your chest to play while sliding your fingers across the frets. But as you can imagine, its great contribution is its small space. This is what makes it more special since, according to the company, it fits the space of a suitcase and can be transported comfortably wherever you want.

Still no solid body or cutaway, two versions

The other curious fact about the Mimicorda guitar is that when buying it, it gives you the option of buying it for left-handed or right-handed users. This depends on the artist who buys it, although it is somewhat curious because this difference was more effective in the solid bodies of the guitars.

As for the price, the device costs about $ 270 and reservations are already open on the company’s official website .