The years go by and the VW Beetle doesn’t lose its luster

The German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, will forever be remembered in the world for its legendary model – Bubi, which has conquered the world with over 20 million units, and the hearts of many lovers. The world will also remember this model for its uncompromising quality, so it is not uncommon to see this car still cruising the streets and defying the ancient times for which it was intended. Interesting topic to know more about polovni traktori.

However, the Volkswagen Beetle is not just for everyday use – its potential is much greater. Some owners have expressed their love for this car, as well as their artistic heart, by modifying this car into something they need and love. Let’s take a look at what you can do with your Bug:

20. Make a trailer that you can use when you go on a long journey

19. Make a barbecue that will serve you when you celebrate anniversaries

18. Make a comfortable two-seater from which you will watch your favorite movies

17. Considering how strong it is, you are free to break through the ceiling and go upstairs

16. Make a lamp from the ratkapna under which you will read your favorite books

15. Create your mobile space for your favorite alcoholic beverages

14. Create a real Volkswagen family

13. Let it bloom and become a ‘ herba’ beetle

12. Make a Barbie Bubu

11. Make a dangerous, fighting Beetle

10. Make a Roadster vehicle

9. Make a pedal boat for summer enjoyment around the lake

8. Make an armchair to enjoy and relax

7. Make a mini Bubu, for mini trips

6. Prepare for the mountain and winter conditions by making a caterpillar

5. Make a transformer, for a good adventure

4. Start a family business and make a pizza oven

3. Make a helicopter that can fly high to the stars

2. Make a bed in which you will dream sweet dreams

1. Or just do nothing and enjoy it as it really is

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