Forever Entertainment will be working on a remake of a Square Enix intellectual property. The agreement involves the creation of several remakes of classic games, and since the company that emerged from the union of Squaresoft and Enix has to its credit numerous licenses, the excitement has not been long in the world of electronic entertainment fans. In this article, we will analyze some of the video games that are owned by Square Enix and that could return with some type of remake so that new generations can enjoy their stories and the news that the Forever Entertainment studio can incorporate into classic experiences.

1. Chrono Trigger

The time travel of Crono and his friends forged the history of video games for many of those who started in 8 and 16 bits. The game had reversals on PlayStation 1 and Nintendo DS, but the possibility of a remake with modern technology could mean a new wave of fans of time travel and role-playing adventures with Akira Toriyama’s unmistakable style of character design. .

The sequel, Chrono Cross, was somewhat confusing and there were loose ends that could not be fully brought together despite the added ending in the DS version. Perhaps with a Chrono Trigger remake I can finally have a definitive version in order to unite the continuity of the saga and that strange gem that was Radical Dreamers (an exclusive visual novel from Japan).

2. Xenogears

Xenosaga is the spiritual successor to this game, when its creators decided to part ways with Squaresoft. But the truth is that fans of this epic fantasy and science fiction adventure are still waiting for a full version that tells the adventure without the development complications that the second CD of the PlayStation game had. Perhaps, a remake with the current technical possibilities, and managing to overcome these pitfalls, will make the adventures of Fei Fong Wong replayed by millions of fans in search of the truth behind Deus and the origin of humanity.

3. Treasure of the Rudras

This game is one of the great forgotten games of the golden age of 16-bit RPGs . Treasure of the Rudras, along with Live a Live, was one of the last role-playing titles on the SNES console and remained exclusively in Japan. Fortunately, fans created unofficial translations and the game can be finished smoothly via an emulator and in English. Could not one of the remakes address this game that deals with the destruction of the races that inhabit the planet? A unique narrative style that allows us to live the adventures of three different heroes, whose paths intersect, and finally a fourth story that serves as an epilogue and point of contact for the three stories. Will humanity survive cyclical destruction? Can a remake make us feel that uncertainty again?

4. Parasite Eve

The third game of Parasite Eve for PSP attempted to bring Agent Aya Brea back, but was poorly received by critics. The original PS1 game, on the other hand, despite its roughness in design and application, was a singular bet on the horror RPG. It took elements from turn-based battles and RPG exploration, and mixed them with the Survival Horror that Resident Evil was popularizing.

A comeback with updated graphics and gameplay could bring Aya Brea back to center stage, proving that heroines’ time is now and forever. The second Parasite Eve aged better, but the end of the trilogy is considered one of the worst games of the firm on PSP.

5. Vagrant Story

In the world of Ivalice (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics, FF Tactics Advance) unfolds the adventure of one of Squaresoft’s darkest and most serious RPGs on PS1: Vagrant Story. A remake of Ashley and Sidney’s fight could mark a before and after for a franchise that many long to see again.

It would be a first step, to be able to go back to Lea Monde and discover the secrets and terrors that inhabit the city with more than 2000 years of history, in addition to being linked to a very cinematographic story and loaded with incredible moments, make this a title more than attractive to face a remake.

Fan wishes vs. business wishes

After the signing of the agreement between Square Enix and Forever Entertainment (those behind the Panzer Dragoon remake) was announced, the rumors and speculation did not wait. In such a competitive and versatile industry, having so many sagas available for a quality remake makes the anxiety multiply. Now it remains to wait for more concrete news to be able to speak with certainty about the future of classic Square Enix sagas that could be soon to return. Or not.