The Fourth Season of the IESports League has brought together around 600 Educational Centers from all over Spain, 650 teachers, 680 teams and more than 2,700 students. As you can see, figures of absolute heart attack. For those who do not know it, this is the only official competition within the national educational environment, which with this edition reinforces its trajectory and the magnificent reception received by the educational community and followers.

This edition has continued to grow in terms of the number of registered Educational Centers, becoming the IESports season with the most records in its history. While it is true that the health situation caused by COVID-19 has meant that many of the centers have had great difficulties in launching the initiative and setting up the teams.

News this season

This Season will feature two new competitions parallel to the Official League. These are the WildCard tournaments and the Lightning Tournaments. The first of them is a POCKET version of the IESports League, in which the students of the different Educational Centers throughout Spain will compete in League of Legends, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale under the same rules of the regular league and that will allow access to the grand final online.

As for the Flash Tournaments, they come to offer the students new games to compete in, increasing the age of participation to 21 years. This walkthrough parallels the official one and will include games like Fall Guys, FIFA21, Rocket League, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant.

This Fourth Edition of the IESports league will have, as on previous occasions, the support of the most important publishers in the market, such as Riot Games, owner of League of Legends, which has been collaborating with IESports since its inception, and also important leading companies in the gaming environment such as OMEN and Intel, who have supported them since their birth, and who bring the latest technological innovations and maximum power to competitions with their high-performance equipment.

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In addition, this season, there is an element that highlights the reality that the esports ecosystem is experiencing, and it is the constant increase in the participation of women in all areas and that this time is manifested in the increase in the number of teachers who have joined the Competition. This year 26% of the tutors who manage the teams are teachers.

Regarding the prizes that the winning teams will receive in the different games, the Educational Center to which the winning team belongs will obtain the necessary resources to equip a computer room, so that all the students of that center have the tools to access to the opportunities that new technologies bring.

The fundamental objective of the IESports League is to promote and contribute to spreading among young people, both in the online world and in the real world, a series of fundamental values ??such as self-improvement, commitment, sportsmanship, courage, diversity or work as a team, out of a total of 16 values ??on which the development of the competition is based.

Educational tool

Learning through play is one of the training trends that has been most popular in recent years. In the opinion of fathers, mothers, teachers and tutors who participated in the previous edition, it is proven that electronic sports are a magnificent element to support the motivation of students, due to the level of compliance with the rules, obligations and commitments that they establish Educational Centers, for those who wish to be part of the teams that participate in these competitions.

Following this idea more and more, video games are used as an educational tool that allows students to develop skills in their learning processes, increasing motivation and helping them to acquire knowledge in an attractive way, contributing decisively to the development of skills. According to different studies, around 250 million people around the world play regularly, and collaborations between teachers and developers are increasingly frequent to generate games specifically designed for the educational environment.