The best-selling jewelry brands according to experts

It is a fact that jewelry is an essential accessory in modern outfits and not only for women, but for men as well. Whether earrings, bracelets, rings or watches, these accessories complement the style and personality of anyone in the world.

In addition, buying jewelry is not only fun, but it is a good investment because its value increases over time and they are accessories that can last you a lifetime if you want them to.

Currently, the jewelry market has been democratized , as there are many brands that compete with quality and prices. There is a great diversity of jewelry suppliers and this is for the benefit of buyers, as it means that there is a greater variety of designs, materials, colors and styles. Today it is almost impossible for you not to find a jewel that suits your taste and personality.

If you are thinking of updating your jewelry box, making interesting additions to your collection or just curious, then we will tell you what the best-selling jewelry brands are according to experts. Know more about oglasi crna gora.

best selling jewelry brands

Let’s get into the matter. Below, we present the best-selling jewelry brands according to experts. Do you think your favorite brand will make the list?


Lotus is a Spanish watch and jewelry brand that has been on the market since the 1980s. Although it is best remembered for its watches, Lotus also offers a wide range of other types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets. .

Lotus accessories are made of silver, steel and leather and feature cutting-edge and elegant designs.

Lotus has launched several jewelry collections such as Lotus Style and Lotus Silver that are characterized by their quality materials and unique designs with urban lines and a youthful and fresh air.


Without a doubt, Pandora is one of the most remembered jewelry brands on the market . This company was created in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark by a married couple who started importing jewelry from Thailand.

Then, the owners made a change in the business model and dedicated themselves to designing and manufacturing their own jewelry , producing it from Thailand.

Pandora jewelry has a unique style, is finished by hand, has the highest quality and affordable prices. Her star and most representative accessory are the beaded bracelets that have countless designs and are fun to collect.

Currently these accessories are available in more than 100 countries.


The Viceroy brand was born in 1951 in Sweden, a watchmaking country par excellence, and from that time to the present it has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing collections of watches and accessories with a seal of quality that several celebrities attest to.

Viceroy jewelry, in addition to watches, offers glasses, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets with beads using different materials such as steel, silver, gold and Murano glass.


Without a doubt, an essential brand on our list. Swarovski was founded in Austria in 1895 and has revolutionized the jewelry and costume jewelery industry worldwide. Their specialty is working with crystal jewelry or also known in the world as Swarovski crystals, but they also stand out for the manufacture of high-quality jewelry, ornaments and jewelry.

Their crystals are actually an exact copy of diamonds , making their jewelry pieces extremely eye-catching.

His designs stand out for their elegance, delicacy and beauty . Without a doubt, every woman wants at least one piece of this brand in her jewelry box.


The famous little bear could not be left out of our list. Tous is a classic and family-owned jewelry dating back to 1920 in Spain. The highlight of Tous is that it cleverly combines artisanal jewelry design techniques with the latest technology.

This great combination has allowed Tous to establish itself as one of the most successful jewelery brands, not only in Spain, but also throughout the world. For this reason, it has managed to expand its designs beyond jewelry to also create high-quality accessories and bags.

Their designs are fun, beautiful and elegant . In addition, there are options for all ages.


This is another important Spanish brand in the jewelry market. Born in Mallorca in 1890, the creations that have emerged from this brand are truly incredible, as they are inspired by the paradisiacal waters of this island.

Its products are of high quality, elegance and avant-garde. In addition, its collection made with pearls is something unique and unmissable.

The firm has grown exponentially since its creation, adapting to the changes of each era to continue to delight its clients.


Aristrocrazy is one of the brands that stands out in the sector for its sophisticated and innovative products. This characteristic is due to the fact that it is one of the youngest companies in the market , since it was born only in 2010 as a family business.

Far from being a disadvantage, this brand has stood out for having a business model focused on innovation , offering great quality in all aspects, thus managing to compete with companies with a longer history.

Aristocrazy is an ideal brand for those looking to buy trendy looking rings, earrings, bracelets, jewelry and necklaces . It also has a very sophisticated line of watches.

Tiffany & Co.

Another must-have brand. Tiffany & Co. was born as a small haberdashery, created in 1837, which became a jewelry store and, later, the most recognized brand in the world .

This brand focuses on the details and quality of its jewelry, offering pieces with great elegance and subtle touches.

Tiffany’s earliest creations were packaged in turquoise boxes , which remain one of the brand’s most recognizable elements. Laconic and elegant, Tiffany jewelry ranges from wedding rings to the most luxurious necklaces. Undoubtedly these jewels are a symbol of good taste.

Jewelry with an environmental sense

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