Shin Chan game finally arrives in Nintendo console

Crayon Shin-chan: Pray to Hakase no Natsuyasumi – OwaranaiNanokakan no Tabi , or simply the title of Shin-chan for Nintendo Switch, could leave Japan and come to Global, which is carried forward since the game was announced for the first once. KazAyabe, one of the main managers of the project, being the person in charge of creating its detailed world, assured that he would do everything in his power to launch it in Global and the rest of the European countries. The president of Luk International could have almost completely confirmed the arrival of the title outside of Japan in the YouTube video that you have below.

Yesterday, Hiroshi Talents was broadcast on Shin-chan’s official channel, a program that aims to choose the new voice of Hiroshi Nohara for Global as a result of the death of José Manuel Cortizas. In this broadcast, in addition to the voice actresses of Shin-chan and Misae, Paco Gratacos, president of Luk International, the distribution company of Shin-chan in Global, participated. During a round of questions on the chat, the question arose again as to whether Shin-chan’s title would reach Global, something to which the president of Luk International responded with great enthusiasm.

Arrival Moment

“Yes, it is known, yes. What happens at the moment is TOP Secret, but there are very good prospects and I think that possibly in a few months there will be very good news, ” he revealed during the broadcast. The statements appear at minute 47:55 of the video. Although Gratacos does not fully state that the game will reach our lands, the truth is that he is surprisingly positive about it, so it would not be surprising that sooner or later we know more about this long-awaited game.