Parents share the reality of living with babies and children

Parents share the reality of living with babies and children at home, in a fun viral Twitter thread

Those of us who have small children at home know that having an impeccable and magazine-worthy house 24/7 is practically… impossible. And it is that although we strive to be organized and put into practice good strategies to maintain order at home, the truth is that as long as there are babies or small children at home, there will be times when it seems that a hurricane passed through our living room or dining room. The first vaccine to prevent bronchiolitis in babies, getting closer.

However, on social networks it is common to find retouched or posed photos, which show a somewhat idealized vision of life with children, in which apparently chaos does not exist and making many families feel that they are not doing things right.

For this reason, a mother decided to start a thread on Twitter, in which mothers and fathers share photos of their homes, showing the reality of living with babies and young children.

” Can we start a realistic thread of photos of mothers and fathers? Without aesthetic filters, without staging: what does the room you are in RIGHT NOW look like? “, has been how the thread has been started by Amanda, a mother of 28 years.

To give an example, she has published a photograph of her bathroom, mentioning that she has days in these conditions because she does not have enough energy to tidy it up: ” It’s not that bad, but it feels good to know that other families aren’t perfect either. I’m tired of expectations unreal about keeping a spotless house, home-cooked meals every day, and somehow entertaining the kids too .” What are the cheeses you can eat (and which ones you should avoid) if you are pregnant.

Seeing Amanda’s proposal and the photograph of her bathroom, mothers and fathers began to share their own photos , showing that beautiful chaos that is present when there are children at home.

Notice how there are no Legos on the Lego table.

The island is always full of things even if we clean it every day. And for some reason the children have the NEED to take out all the blankets and put all the cushions and pillows on the floor.

I’m not home but I took this picture over the weekend. Welcome to my chaos.

Every surface of my house is always covered in train tracks. Immediately after lifting them they manifest again.

This is the usual in my house. Toys everywhere and a dead plant from little hands grabbing everything.

We still have the Christmas tree up, and we put clean clothes on everything.

My living room right now lol it’s usually much worse at the end of the day, every day.

That on the wall in my son’s room is chalk. That’s the price of five minutes of silence.
In addition to the photographs, many mothers have commented that seeing the images of other houses and realizing that they look similar to theirs helps them to see that they are not doing so badly, but above all to know that they are not alone:
This thread makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to forget that we don’t need to have everything in order all the time.
On the other hand, there were other mothers and fathers who humorously reminded us that this chaos is only temporary , and others who reaffirmed what many of us know and understand: it is a normal part of life with babies and young children.
At this point I’m used to it. It’s not forever, is what I keep telling myself.
I love this thread. real homes. real lives. Real disasters. Real love.