Opera recently announced the launch of its new gaming platform, GXC. This is now available for creators and players to test in its open beta version. Through GXC, video game creators will be able to publish their developments, while players will be able to enjoy a wide range of games developed by early adopters at GameMarker Stuido 2. Within this catalog we can find everything from role-playing games to arcade, all of free form.

GXC is a further step in Opera’s strategy to make creating and publishing games as easy as posting on social media. The platform removes the biggest ‘pain point’ for game creators, as it offers them an easy way to reach a large audience and promote their game to like-minded users, gamers already using the Opera GX browser. In addition, the best creators are also eligible for a monthly prize of $ 30,000. This launch responds to the rapid growth in the number of users of Opera GX and represents a further step, after the change, last summer, in the licensing model that allows you to develop games for free using GameMaker Studio 2.

The ultimate goal that Opera pursues through with GXC is to democratize the creation of games. Any gamer who is inspired by GXC games can become a creator by downloading GameMaker Studio 2 and building a game with its free tools, then they can easily post it on the platform for player feedback.

“We are convinced that the creation of games is the next great milestone of the Creative Economy, and we want to offer a boost by making the creation and publication of games more accessible than ever. Our goal is to make GXC a true alternative to mainstream gaming platforms, ”explains  Krystian Kolondra, EVP of Search Engines and  Gaming  at Opera .

GameMaker, which is part of Opera Gaming, is generating increasing interest and has tripled the number of downloads since last summer modified the licenses of GameMaker Studio to offer free access. Following this change, Opera GX and GameMaker invited game creators to join the GXC platform so that they could more quickly validate their ideas for new games, shortening time to market.

“Now that the platform has 500 starter games, we are delighted to invite all gamers to join the beta,” adds  Krystian Kolondra . “We will shortly begin testing monetization options for game creators as well, establishing an ecosystem with a virtual currency and incentivized advertising.”

The GXC Open Beta launches with more than 500 games available instantly, with more being added every day. Games are sorted, filtered, and curated into a variety of different categories so that players can quickly find them based on their preferences. Opera’s selection will include those games that are trending, the most popular and the best rated by users. Creators, for their part, can also use tags to easily identify their game with relevant genres so that it is easier for users to discover them amidst new releases.

Another GXC feature that ties in with the Open Beta is weekly challenges. These offer registered players the opportunity to participate in weekly tasks and compete against each other on leaderboards for a chance to win weekly prizes. GXC will also work with influencers to set their own challenges so their followers can compete against these content creators.