Throughout the history of video games , different titles and sagas have earned a place in the hearts of fans. There are titles whose rumors of return encourage players of all ages, and other sagas that have fallen into oblivion but remain in the memory of fans. Today we will stop at one of the latter, a saga of Japanese role-playing games that dazzled in its time, but which later ended up falling into oblivion despite the wishes of thousands of fans: Lunar – The Silver Star.

The original game

On June 26, 1992, it was released for SEGA CD in Japan , and was later adapted for the western market in December 1993. The American version was left by Working Desings , and it was a great success thanks to the care with which they were adapted. the texts and designs of this adventure clearly influenced by the anime style.

The game took advantage of the new technologies available in audiovisual quality on CD-ROM to incorporate animated scenes and CD-DA sound. The gameplay was that of a traditional RPG with turn-based battles and top-down views, where we explored colorful and vast settings while discovering the secrets of the fantastic land of Lunar and the dragons that protect it.

In 1996 the game received an improved remake for the Sega Saturn under the title Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. This version is later released on PlayStation and Windows. In addition, it served as the basis for 3 other ports: Lunar Legend (Game Boy Advance), Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PSP) and Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch (iOS). But in addition to these reviews, the first Lunar started a franchise that was quite successful.

Lunar: Eternal Blue, the sequel

Released in December 1994 for the Sega CD in Japan , and in September 1995 in the United States, the second game in the series takes place 1,000 years after the first. The new hero is called Hiro and his mission is to confront an ancient evil entity known as Zophar.

The title was reverted to the PlayStation in 1999 as Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, and it also featured a version for the Sega Saturn. It is one of the most beloved titles of the saga, since its level design and its plot is more extensive and allows to delve even more into the universe and the options of the world of Lunar.

Laptop games

In 1996 the Sega Game Gear, a handheld console with which Sega tried unsuccessfully to cope with the Game Boy, received Lunar: Sanposuru Gakuen (Lunar: Walking School), a video game in the Lunar franchise set hundreds of years before the first game. . In this adventure, exclusive to Japan, the heroine is called Ellie and her mission is to discover the secrets of a school of magic while trying to stop the resurrection of an evil entity known only as “D”.

The game has a version for the Sega Saturn called Mahö Gakuen Lunar, but it is also exclusive to the Japanese market. However, the fanaticism of the players led to an unofficial translation patch for the Game Gear version in 2009.

Lunar: Dragon Song is the other game for portable consoles, in this case for the Nintendo DS and closer in time: 2005. Also known as Lunar Genesis, the title is the first to receive an official launch in European territory. The game takes place 1,000 years before Lunar: The Silver Star , and tells the adventures of a young man named Jian who must help the people of Lunar confront the Vile tribe and reduce the tension between humans and beastmen.

A game that marked the genre

Even today, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete remains one of the JRPGs most loved by many fans of the 16-bit era. The game captured the essence of the titles that made the genre great, offering a colorful adventure, with very rich characters and solid motivations. Unlike the current Japanese RPG, with an abundance of anti-heroes, cynical personalities and a lot of darkness, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is a hymn to the golden age of the Japanese RPG, where adventure, exploration and discovery are what matters. of new secrets and powers, as we try to defeat the villains on duty.

Of course, the title suffers from clichés and elements that today can be considered “childish”, but Alex’s adventure and the discovery of the fight of Dyne and the dragons are worth it. If you like colorful adventures, fantastic journeys and turn-based RPGs, you should not miss trying the Lunar saga, and if possible the PlayStation version that has established itself as one of the most complete and versatile for fans of the genre.