Square Enix presented Life is Strange: True Colors at its most recent Square Enix Presents event. The game will be available from September 10, 2021 and it was one of the surprises of the Japanese developer, since it implies the return of this unique narrative saga that will have a new protagonist and new powers.

The developers of the new Life is Strange belong to Deck Nine Games (the same behind LiS: Before the Storm). The game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Google Stadia. What will this new adventure offer?

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection

In addition to the new game in the series, a remastering of Life is Strange was also announced that will include the original game and Before the Storm, allowing a whole battery of new players to enjoy the best visual and playable way of the adventure of Max, Chloe. and Rachel. Once we finish playing the remastering to refresh concepts and plot elements, we’ll be more than ready to tackle True Colors.

What is Life is Strange?

Back in 2015, we met for the first time Max Cauldfield and Chloe Price , two girls who would earn a place in the hearts of the players through their story developed in an episodic format. The saga has three titles made by Dontnod Entertainment (Life is Strange, the spin-off The Adventures of Captain Spirit and Life is Strange 2) and another 2 by Deck Nine Games (the prequel Before the Storm and this new True Colors ).

The True Colors delivery has been in development since 2017, that is, they began to shape it as soon as Before the Storm went on sale. Although the two developer studios take the saga to different paths, LiS: True Colors will be a complete and unique game within the saga, and as a surprise the episodic format is abandoned so that we can enjoy the complete adventure from day 1.

The supernatural powers of Alex Chen

The protagonist of this new adventure is Alex Chen (Arika Mori) a young woman with American and Asian roots who at 21 years old returns to her hometown of Haven Springs. The last 8 years he was in a correctional facility, and we still do not know the exact reasons, so there will be quite a few secrets and mysteries to be solved. Apparently in the first trailer, shortly after returning and reuniting with his brother Gabe, he dies under mysterious circumstances. Although everything appears to have been an accident, Alex suspects that behind his brother’s death there is something darker.

The power of Alex will be essential to unravel the truth hidden in the mysteries of Haven Springs. What she can do is visualize other people’s auras, which are seen in different colors, and absorb the intense feelings that surround them. From this skill, we will discover how to relate to the characters and discover the truth.

The design of the world will be more open, being able to explore Haven Springs and interact with different characters and objects to give our experience more realism. It is a claim that the players had made after playing the previous titles of the franchise, and from Deck Nine Games they decided to listen to them and incorporate these new mechanics and alternatives to give more variety to the activity in the exploration with the scenarios.

Romance the order of the day

Another option that is incorporated in True Colors is that of the romance of our protagonist, being able to unite her with different characters according to our decisions. The romantic interests are represented by Steph and Ryan, and from the development team they ensure that both characters will be well developed and will have enriching stories for the general experience of the game. Then, it will be a matter of our decisions leading us to the person we want to be with.

State-of-the-art technology and technical advances

Another interesting aspect in the development of Life is Strange: True Colors , is the use of new technologies for video games. Through Storyteller, the tool for the development of the plot, and joining this playable technical section to the new in visual design and motion capture, from Square Enix they hope that the title will be well received by the community.

The original soundtrack will feature licensed and original tracks, such as “Haven” by Novo Amor and mxmtoon, who voices Alex by singing his version of Creep (from the band Radiohead).

The commitment of True Colors is ambitious and can take the Life is Strange saga in a new direction, taking advantage of the graphic and technical potential of the new generations in a remarkable way. It remains to be seen in the next trailers and videos about gameplay, how True Colors develops to see if the players will continue to accompany this narrative adventure with supernatural elements.