How to be a personal trainer?

The personal trainer is an increasingly demanded figure in Spain. The interest in staying in shape to take care of our health and look good has led more people to go to gyms, but there are also those who go one step further and look for a professional to advise, guide and motivate them in the training of individualized way. In fact, according to a study published in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal, the personal trainer has become one of the most in-demand figures in fitness worldwide.

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a health and fitness professional who plans his clients’ training sessions taking into account their individual characteristics and health goals in order to improve their fitness and quality of life. Its main mission is to help you achieve the best results in the shortest possible time and in the safest way.

What are the functions of the personal trainer?

  • Evaluate the physical capacity, performance and health habits of the person to better understand their needs, potentials and limitations.
  • Help the person set realistic and achievable training goals within a specified period of time.
  • Design a personalized training program with different exercise routines that allow you to achieve the health goals set.
  • Diversify training by adapting the exercises and their intensity to the progress made by the person and their specific needs.
  • Guide and supervise the performance of the exercises to ensure that the person does them correctly, in a way that reduces the risk of injury and maximizes the results of the training.
  • Monitor the physical evolution of the person and change the training plan if necessary to achieve the health goals set.
  • Motivate throughout the training so that the person remains constant, looking for the best way to encourage him to make the training more interesting and fun.
  • Provide information on the different aspects related to physical activity and health. In fact, the personal trainer often works in collaboration with nutritionists, physicians, or physical therapists to provide more comprehensive and personalized care to their clients.

What do you study to be a personal trainer?

In Spain, the profession of personal trainer is not fully regulated, so there is no specific diploma or training that has been officially recognized and endorsed by the State. However, there are different courses and study programs that will open the doors to this sector.

To become a personal trainer you can follow different paths . For example, you can study our Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences , which you can also take online to study in depth the physiological, biomechanical, psychological and social principles involved in the different fields of physical activity, sports and recreation. . When you graduate, you can open your own gym, work as a technical director or as a fitness trainer.

You can also take a Higher Technician in Physical Conditioning . In just two years you will be able to acquire the basic knowledge and skills that allow you to assess people’s physical condition and design physical conditioning programs or streamline activities to improve the quality of life. You can work as a coach in gyms, sports centers and aquatic facilities, instructor of hydrokinesis and personal care or as a monitor for aerobics and other fitness activities.

However, academic training is not the only requirement to be a personal trainer. You also need to be a good communicator to explain the exercise routines and be empathetic to put yourself in the shoes of each client and be able to accompany them along their way. Of course, it is essential that you are in good physical shape and that you are an enthusiastic person capable of transmitting energy and motivation to others.