In the world of consoles, one of the parameters that defines opting for one or the other has always been having exclusive games . Sagas such as Halo (Xbox), God of War (Sony) and Zelda (Nintendo), are just some of those that have chosen buyers of one console or another for years. Of course we recommend, as far as possible, to have them all because the important thing is to play, but since the exclusivities are still valid today (although less and less), we will tell you which are the most anticipated for 2021 on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Stray (PlayStation 5)

In a cybperpunk universe, Stray proposes us to control a lost cat in a futuristic city full of dangers. To escape, we will also have the help of a nice drone, and we will have to make the most of the control possibilities of the DualSense controller to explore this curious adventure exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles from the BlueTwelve studio.

Shin Megami Tensei V (Nintendo Switch)

The peculiar saga of role – playing and adventures of Atlus will have an exclusive title for the portable / desktop console of the Great N. It was originally announced in 2017 and to date we only know that it will have a simultaneous worldwide launch, and it will surely propose the same Combination of RPG combat and life simulation that is so popular in Persona 3 and Persona 4, establishing much deeper interpersonal relationships among the broad cast of the plot.

Project Athia (PlayStation 5)

This video game generated a lot of excitement (hype) when it first appeared, and for a time it was thought that it would actually be a new version of the Final Fantasy saga. However, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XVI and the investment made in the new IP will surely have news throughout 2021. An environment of magic and fantasy with state-of-the-art graphics and all the technical and visual quality of one of the most prestigious studios. market powerhouses, which may well be talked about in 2021.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 (Nintendo Switch)

Although there are no specific details of its launch, 2021 will mark 35 years since the birth of the Zelda saga and an excellent way to celebrate would be the launch of a long-awaited sequel to this action-adventure hit starring Link . The vast world of Hyrule could return throughout this year to continue surprising us and expanding the incredible universe of the Nintendo saga.

God of War: Ragnarok (PlayStation 5)

The sequel to the Reboot of the God of War saga will be set, once again, in the universe of the Norse gods. Bloody fights, colossal enemy battles and character development will return with a heavy emphasis on interpersonal relationships between Kratos and the rest of the cast in an action adventure exclusive to PlayStation 5.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (Nintendo Switch)

Another exclusive Nintendo adventure set in the universe of Capcom’s adventure role-playing saga : Monster Hunter . In this case, you will continue to explore the mechanics and style of the first Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo 3DS, but the story will be completely independent so you can easily immerse yourself in it even without having played the first one.


Ghostwire: Tokyo (PlayStation 5)

In this case we are facing a game that will be exclusive to the Sony console for only one year. The title is signed by two great video game developers: Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Ikumi Nakamura (The Evil Within). The proposal takes us to a city of Tokyo infested by ghosts, and where we will have to investigate and discover the secrets behind the disappearance of the inhabitants of the Japanese capital.

Combining action and terror, like other proposals by Shinji Mikami , the Tango Gameworks (Bethesda) game will be exclusive to the new PlayStation for a year, and then it will be released on the rest of the consoles in case there is a good reception by part of the public.

No More Heroes 3 (Nintendo Switch)

A game delayed from 2020 , but that will arrive throughout this 2021. Once again we will live intense adventures with an assassin who, using his sword, will seek to make a place in the competitive world of professional assassins.

Bravely Default 2 (Nintendo Switch)

The Japanese role is in very good health thanks to Square Enix and the development of proposals such as Bravely Default 2, a title of a franchise that has been very well received by longtime fans of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Destruction All-Stars (PlayStation 5)

An arcade driving and battles game reminiscent of the mystique of the Twisted Metal saga . At least that is what is glimpsed in the videos and in the statements of those responsible for this PS5 exclusive that will feature speed and explosions for fans of the genre.