Trust A Top Digital Marketing Agency For An Improved Online Presence

A business would fail to realize its objectives if it did not reach online promptly. After all, the internet is full of opportunities for both buyers and sellers to exist together and help each other realize their goals. To go online, a business will need a mix of well-designed and well-developed websites and the right marketing strategy as both help gain superior visibility there. After all, what purpose would it serve if your business reached online but failed to generate any interest there among users? This is where the role of digital marketing agency Pakistan comes into play as it helps boost a website’s presence on the internet.

As a result, a business should hire an agency specialized in delivering cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to businesses across industry verticals. Such an agency will have a thorough understanding of the digital market as it knows all those steps and activities that deliver online visibility benefits to websites or businesses. It will first analyze a company, its websites, its target audience, and its goals and, based on that, come up with a suitable marketing strategy. The agency will devise a plan to boost a website’s presence across channels on the internet. It will focus on both organic and paid traffic for better results.

More so, the agency will leverage SEO, PPC, and digital ads to help businesses reach more users and convey to them their brand messages. If the budget is low and a company can’t afford to allocate big money for marketing purposes, then the agency will recommend it to be natural or organic traffic. It will implement search engine optimization tactics so that the budget constraint never impacts the growth prospects of the business. Organic traffic would be best suited to a company that lacked a budget and wanted to gradually and systematically build its base and grow its business.

Similarly, the agency will devise paid marketing strategies for companies with a reasonable budget and can afford to spend big for promotion purposes. If an agency is experienced, it will help maximize returns on investment for business by excellently managing its Pay-Per-Click campaigns. At the same time, only a proven agency will know the right social channels to tap into as each social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest comes with a unique user base and requires a specific strategy to deliver maximum results. The one-size-fits-all approach won’t work as social sites are unique in nature.

As a result, it’s essential to hire a digital marketing agency based on its track record and its ability to deliver results to customers in the domain. If an agency lacks the appropriate expertise in the field, it will never be able to provide desired benefits to businesses. On the other hand, proven players are familiar with the tropes of digital marketing, and they know the market and its dynamics inside out. Overall, a business can’t afford lousy hiring as benefits from digital marketing are too valuable to be missed that easily.

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Where Tourism Industry Heading

The tourism industry is a big industry on which many countries such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and many other small countries are highly dependent. So, it will be a difficult situation for those countries to adapt to this situation. Millions of people are becoming jobless. By the end of this year, almost 60 million people will suffer from hunger.

Three scenarios are projected now for the Tourism industry in 2020. These scenarios are the best case, baseline, and worst case. The best-case-scenario happens if the countries ease current restrictions from June in domestic travel and from august intercontinental travel. The baseline-scenario occurs if the current confinement in the nationwide move is relaxed from June and in the short-haul/region from July and intercontinental from September. The worst-case scenario happens if the countries ease current domestic travel restrictions from September and intercontinental travel from November.

If the best-case scenario happens, global jobless people in this industry will be 98.2 million with GDP loss will be $2,686 billion (41% international, 26% domestic). In the baseline-scenario, combined jobless people will be 121.1 million. GDP loss will be $3,435 billion(53% international, 34% domestic). And in the worst-case-scenario, the entire jobless will be 197.5 million. GDP loss will be $5,543 billion(73% international, 64% domestic).

International tourism down 22% in quarter one and could fall by 60-80% by 2020 in the world. Arrival in March sharply dropped by 57% in many countries. Many countries closed their national border. Flights of most of the countries are closed in March. It means the loss of 67 million international arrivals and a loss of $80 billion in receipts.

Asia and the pacific show the highest impact in relative and absolute terms that are 33 million arrivals. However, European countries have also been hit mightily by this.EU countries lose almost 22 million tourists at this time.

According to UNWTO, there are three possible scenarios for the tourism industry in 2020. The current circumstance suggests a likely decline in the arrival of 58%-78% for this year. However, this depends on the spread and containment of coronavirus across the world and the invention of a vaccine. If this situation persists across the globe, this will create a catastrophe in the tourism and travel industry. A substantial job loss we can expect this year is in the Asia Pacific area. This job loss comprises 55% of the total jobs of 2019.