Decidueye confirms release date in Pokémon Unite: all the details

The debut of Decidueye, the plant and ghost type Pokémon, is imminent. We tell you all his skills, movements and at what level he will learn them in the game.

We already know the exact date for the arrival of Decidueye to Pokémon Unite . It will be on November 19 from 02:00 (CEST). It is a plant and ghost type creature that first appeared in Pokémon Sun and Moon , the seventh generation editions for Nintendo 3DS. We offer you its trailer and a review of all its movements, the level necessary to obtain them and more details.

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Decidueye in Pokémon Unite: abilities, levels and movements

Before getting Decidueye (10,000 Aeos Coins), the fighter specialized in ranged attacks, we will have to go through Rowlet and Dartrix, to which we must go up to level 5. Impress and Foliage will be the initial movements and once reached level 7 We will have the opportunity to choose between Shadow Stitch and Sharp Blade . Already at level 8, Rainleaf and Fel Shadow will be the last selectable attacks.

As far as his Unite Movement is concerned, Bolt Burst will cause terror in opponents upon reaching level 9. This powerful attack will send projectiles to the opposing party and finish with a special hit that deals additional damage to enemies with low health points. During its performance, Decidueye will not be able to move around the stage, but will become invincible while executing it .

Pokémon Unite is available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch devices. It is a free-to-play title with integrated purchases. Here’s our complete guide with tips for newcomers, better builds, rewards, how to get Aeon Coins, and more.

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