Audi connect: what is it for and how does it work?

Audi connect provides you with broadband Internet access, allowing you to continue your digital life in the car and enjoy a wide range of digital services and functions. We tell you.

If you have a vehicle with the Audi connect service, now is the time to make the most of it. With this functionality you can connect your vehicle with your smartphone and turn your Audi directly into your assistant. Know more about Daewoo ne shitje.

What can you do with Audi Connect?

Thanks to Audi connect you have access to a wide variety of functions and services, from accessing information, to checking the fuel level , to appointments with the technical service, and much more.

navigation package

This package offers real-time information with interesting features for before, during and after the trip. Among other things, it alerts you to possible risks on the road, traffic conditions, points of interest, service stations and car parks.

It also searches for destinations and available routes that are transferred to the car’s navigation system when you start it, offers accurate weather forecasts , informs you of road signs, traffic lights, etc. It even notifies you of the revisions and maintenance tasks that your car needs and locates the Audi technical service in the area where you are.

And all this through optimized voice recognition.

Emergency call and roadside assistance

This functionality is activated automatically when the vehicle detects that a serious accident has occurred . In the event of a mishap, it will put you in contact with the Audi accident assistance service to help you solve it.

For greater security, it is important to choose insurance with the most complete roadside assistance possible, such as MAPFRE insurance, which offers this service from Km. 0.

If what you suffer is a failure, you will only have to press the warning button located on the roof module to receive technical assistance quickly.

Wi-Fi access

My Connect offers wireless Internet access through a WiFi point to which up to eight devices (mobile phones, laptops and tablets) can be connected to browse at the same time.

remote control

This service provides an overview of the most relevant vehicle information directly from your mobile, offering real -time data on aspects such as fuel level, oil level, autonomy, etc.

In addition, it offers other remote functions. For example, you can program the air conditioning according to your tastes and preferences so that you find it comfortable even before you enter the vehicle, it allows you to open and close the car from your smartphone, receive an alert when the anti-theft alarm is activated or locate the car remote for when you can’t remember where you parked it.

Services for Audi e-tron

If you have an Audi e-Tron , with Audi Connect you can comfortably plan charging times from your mobile , consult data on autonomy , the current charge level and the time remaining. On trips, plan your routes directly including the stops you have to make to charge the batteries.

How to install Audi connect?

To use the services of Audi connect you have to register with My Audi . You can download this app through the Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Once inside the platform, log in and register your vehicle. Instantly, you can start managing, configuring and editing settings, as well as personalizing services.