Applying for an e-visa for Goa | Know More About It

How to get an e-visa to travel to the Indian state of Goa in 2019. The cost of registration, required documents and a sample of filling out the questionnaire. Goa is one of the 28 states of India and, at the same time, its most popular resort. It is divided into northern and southern parts, but after visiting any of them, the impressions will be indelible. This is the sea, palm trees, sunny weather and low prices.

In the spring of 2019, a decision was made to issue electronic visas with a validity period of 365 days. As of March 18, you can already apply for such a visa. Remember that the time of a single stay in the country will now be 90 days, and such a multivisa will start working immediately after issuance. Know more about Podgorica.

(Experience with India over 5 years)

Registration fee:2300 1500+ consular fee

Check the cost of obtaining a Go visa for other countries (except Russia and Ukraine) with our consultant. cannot issue.

Completing the questionnaire

You can see your profile ID at the top. It is advisable to write this, because in case of failure it will help to restore the data and you will not have to fill in everything from scratch.

Now you need to fill in the following fields:

Now we save again and select the sequel, it remains to enter the last list of required data:

  • places you want to visit in India;
  • purpose of arrival;
  • approximate date of travel;
  • the airport or port through which you will leave India (no need to answer);
  • you have already visited India (if so, answer in the affirmative and need to answer additional questions);
  • the address where they lived in India;
  • City;
  • previous Indian visa number;
  • type of previous visa;
  • the place where it was issued (an electronic visa is open in your city);
  • Date of issue;
  • whether their visas have been denied;
  • other countries you have visited in 10 years (optional);
  • have you been to countries like, in the last 3 years (if so, how many times);
  • the name of the calling citizen (in the absence of such information, it is sufficient to indicate the hotel);
  • the address of the calling party;
  • contact details of the person calling;
  • contacts of a person from your country (a friend or acquaintance should be mentioned);
  • (maximum size 300 kilobytes).

The application form must be completed no later than 4 days before the planned trip. And also don’t forget to pay around $ 105. The exact amount depends on the bank card you will pay with. You must print the letter of receipt that arrived in your e-mail and take it with you to the presentation upon arrival.

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