There is a very famous saying that “spring, blood alters,” and to whom does blood alter more this season? Indeed, adolescents. There are many factors that promote it: that the days are longer, that the weather is very good … All this influences the routines of the youngest during spring.

This 2021 we find ourselves with a complicated situation in Spain, in which the beginning of spring has been clouded by restrictions due to the coronavirus and its still high incidence in the country, for which leisure plans have been restricted.

The closure of places of leisure and the curfew have been the worst conditions when it comes to socializing adolescents. But as we have seen throughout this year and part of last year, teenagers are always looking for a way to get back to socializing and entertaining themselves. Not everyone may do it in a responsible way , highlighting those images of illegal and unsecured parties that happen across the country. But as many of them claim, these images do not represent an entire generation that has been faced with one of the most complex situations of the century.

The Red 17 portal wanted to find out which are the most desired plans with the arrival of good weather, allowing us to see a subtle change in the behavior of adolescents:

  • 76% of those under 18 years of age want to meet their friends and be on the street. They do not necessarily have to go to a “party” or similar place. The simple plans in which they are reunited with their friends are the ones they missed the most. Being apart for so long has affected and in other cases reinforced their friendships.
  • 68% of young people want to stay at home playing video games. This is the most striking change, although it is not the main “plan”, the new customs adopted in the quarantine, have come to stay. Although this trend pre-dated the pandemic, the new lifestyle of staying at home “so as not to catch it” has changed the routine of adolescents.
  • 55% want to go to a party. In adolescence it is well recognized that changes come and parental independence is sought. One of the most common attitudes towards this is going to or premiering at parties, whether private or at nightclubs. Currently with the pandemic still very present, this option is very irresponsible on the part of anyone.
  • 23% of the adolescents surveyed say they do not feel like planning anything. This has been decisive for two reasons, the first is because they say that the arrival of the station does not affect them, but the second is the most worrying: poor mental health. Confinement has aggravated many mental problems that were already present in the adolescent population in Spain. Sensations such as continuous sadness, apathy or lack of motivation are the most common. From here we encourage all people to take care of their mental health as well as their physical health.

It is clear that the arrival of spring has brought with it renewed hopes to be able to go out on the streets more frequently, but the situation with respect to COVID-19 should not for this reason be lost.