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For the arrival of your little one, you can choose baby furniture that associates comfort and safety as well. This factor should be given prime importance. Along with these factors if you manage to get furniture with style and modern touches then this is surely the best decision.

Why you should choose baby furniture?

Although there is a great variety of baby furniture available in the market there is nothing that beats Italian baby furniture. With a combination of style, comfort, and safety, Italian baby furniture goes beyond typical designs and offer something new after a regular interval. You won’t believe but these designs have great research to ensure the health and safety requirements of the baby. Along with these great Italian baby furniture. You can choose A girl names Italian for your daughter for great memories.

Different types of baby furniture

Many Italian companies are already manufacturing baby’s furniture. But the recommended include Da Vinci, Pali, Picci and Peg Perego.

Pali review

Ermenegildo Pali is the one who founded Pali baby furniture. In 1919 he manufactured furniture for his kitchen which was handmade. Later, he brought his work to the commercial level where he grew his business. He shifted the base of his business to a new location where he gave his skills more rise.

Pali cribs

Pali also did great contribution towards baby’s furniture. Pali’s baby cribs are among the highly rated baby furniture in the market. Pali uses expensive furniture material that is Italian Beechwood, for the manufacture of high-quality baby cots and cribs. Pali’s baby furniture has got the recommendation from parents as the safety standards meet the end. Even the distance between the slats of Pali cribs adopts the standard measurement which is two and three-eights inches.

Another great feature that involves the Pali baby crib is that it has round boundaries on the corners. The overall structure of the Pali crib is ideal from every phase during the development of an active baby.

Peg Perego review

Pan Perego got into the industry when he found an urge to build baby cot for his baby. It was the era of 1949 when there was the unavailability of suitable cots so Giuseppe Perego builds up his baby furniture. The journey then started and went strong by then. Pen Perego builds up baby furniture by then and is well known for its work in the field of baby furniture and other juvenile merchandise.

Peg Perego high chair

Pan Perego high chair comprises sleek Italian designs and standout features which made it an ideal chair. The chair has great adjustments that turn out ideal for playtime, mealtime, and nap time. Along with great adjustments the chair includes soft fabric which is stain resistant, changeable footrest, a storage pouch, and a tray which stays on the legs of the chair while folded. Moreover, the high chair can be adjusted to 7 elevation positions. It has a 5-point harness to keep the baby secure and safe. Further, the chair has a leg divider too.

Picci review

Picci has a great name in the industry of Italian baby bedding. It was founded in Florence, Italy by great Paola Cherubini. Along with high quality and stylish designs, Picci is famous for using natural fabric. Further, Picci has managed to show their skilled Italian workmanship which has great charm in the market.

Da Vinci overview

Da Vinci has been recognized for the great furniture which they manufacture for the babies. They offer a variety of baby furniture which includes single drop-side cribs, toddler beds, convertible cribs, and much more. The reason behind the success Da Vinci is this that they consider the requirement of their customers. It is well known for catering to the best nursing furniture that money can buy. Hardly the quality of Da Vinci is matchable to the competitors in the market.