In the world of video games there are some moments that have been forever marked in memory. From the first time we beat a Super Mario Bros. screen to the first goal in a soccer game or perhaps the first Fatality made with our favorite fighter. Like cinema and literature, the death of some characters has also been forever etched in the memory of the players, and today we will explore some of those deaths and the reason why they stood out and are still remembered today by lovers of the videogames. Your favorite villain who sacrifices himself in a moment of redemption? The surprise death of a warrior? We will see what the TOP of iconic video game deaths is and we will share opinions and analysis in the comments.

1. Sarah (The Last of Us)

As soon as the Last of Us adventure began, the Naughty Dog developers wanted to make it clear that it was not a mere walk with zombies. In the world of Last of Us the greatest danger is human beings themselves, which is why Sarah’s death at the hands of a soldier who follows orders is so shocking. In addition, it forever marks Joel’s personality and it will be part of his journey to learn to live with that tragedy and to bond with other characters, such as Ellie.

2. Agro (Shadow of the Colossus)

The Team ICO game is a unique experience for the senses. The feeling of loneliness, the majesty of the colossi and the constant search for our character and his only company, the horse Agro, make his death towards the end really emotional. He was by our side the entire game, and sacrifices his life so that we can reach the final confrontation with the ultimate colossus. Has anyone been able to forget it?

3. Zack Fair (Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)

One of SOLDIER’s strongest warriors, along with Sephiroth and Angeal, died a heroic death while trying to protect his friend Cloud Strife and faced wave after wave of enemy military personnel. The endless combat in the PSP game is a playable demonstration of the inevitability of death. Many knew Zack’s fate as they played the original PS1 Final Fantasy VII, but being able to interact in this warrior’s final combat marked many video game lovers.

4. Roman Bellic or Kate McReary

In the Grand Theft Auto saga there are numerous deaths, but in GTA IV there is a moment when our own decision can end up generating one of two tragic deaths and that will mark the rest of the adventure for Niko Bellic. The ending can end with our cousin killed or a possible dead partner. Deciding it within the framework of the game makes every minute we spend in the world of GTA IV even more intense.

5. Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

The main protagonist of Final Fantasy X explores the world of Spira learning its traditions and customs, thinking that he is in the future of his country, Zanarkand. However, he will eventually discover that it is actually nothing more than a dream conjured by a nation determined to escape oblivion and destruction. After spending so many hours with this character, learning from his childhood, his likes, fears and desires, the farewell is similar to that of a friend who leaves never to return.

6. Thane Krios (Mass Effect 3)

This assassin Drell was one of Mass Effect 2’s fellow adventurers and potential romantic interests, with a unique personality, highly lovable, and always in search of spiritual enlightenment. His death, although it does not happen in a context of tragedy, is sad and ends up hitting us when we have learned to love him. Of course, it is possible that he escapes to this fate but in the Mass Effect universe that means that another of our beloved characters ends up passing away.

7. Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)

It could not be missing in our top of deaths, that of one of the most important women in the role-playing world. Aerith (or Aeris in its Spanish translation), surprised the players of the era of PlayStation 1 because it died in front of our eyes crossed by the most hated villain: Sephiroth. As she prepares to invoke the white magic that would save the universe, she is treacherously attacked as the group of heroes rush to meet her, unable to stop the tragedy.

For a long time, rumors circulated about the possibility of reviving the character through different tricks. The truth is that the plot of Final Fantasy VII is built from his death and was necessary to continue with the evolution of the characters so it made no sense that it could be revived simply to satisfy fans unable to assimilate such a loss remarkable. She will always be remembered for her flowers and her sacrifice.