In the world of video games, Asian studios are among the most prestigious in a wide variety of genres. For this reason, every year a large battery of releases and titles that are still valid are made available to fans to spend hours in front of the screen. Today we will tell you what are some of these ambitious and entertaining titles, so that you know in depth the proposals of Japan, South Korea and China that are making people talk on computers, consoles and mobile phones. Certainly some titles will be familiar to you, and others you may not know yet.

Black Myth: Wukong

Wukong refers to “The Monkey King”, the mythological character that Akira Toriyama was inspired by when creating Son Goku in the action-adventure manga Dragon Ball. This title in development, by Game Science, combines action and RPG elements and an environment inspired by the most famous traditional Chinese tale.

Although the title is still in development, according to what the main person in charge of the game, Feng Ji confirmed, there are many expectations about what the adventure can offer. The gameplay trailer features intense, fast-paced battles, thoughtful graphics, and memorable moments of action and exploration.

Blue Protocol

Namco Bandai announced in 2019 a multiplayer action game with the name of Blue Protocol, and although the information has been appearing in a trickle, everything seems to indicate that 2021 could be its year. A fantasy setting, memorable characters and a visual aspect reminiscent of the anime style, very typical of the Tales of saga, make this adventure one of the most anticipated.

With the Asian release scheduled for this year, it remains to be seen if the anime and adventure traits are enough for the title to get its release in Europe and America. Given the experience and quality of developer Namco Bandai, Blue Protocol is almost certainly in the West.

Chrono Odyssey

The Korean development team NPIXEL is in charge of a game that already left MMORPG lovers speechless in December with its high quality and cinematic look. There is no release date yet, but it is scheduled for 2022. Those responsible have announced that it will be on PC, next-generation consoles, Android and iOS, so it remains to be seen how the cuts and concessions are made so that it can run on mobile devices.

Lost soul aside

An oriental hack and slash , with some aspects that are sometimes reminiscent of the Dinasty Warriors saga, developed by the UltiZero Games studio. A title that back in 2016 began its journey, first with an independent developer and later with an agreement with Sony to carry out an exclusive bet.

Lost Soul Aside was hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was originally going to be released in late 2020. With a dark world laden with enemies and final bosses, the bet is that fans of action and fights of frantic pace as in Ninja Gaiden support the initiative.

Project awakening

Cygames has in Project Awakening his most ambitious bet for the action role on consoles. A plot that has proven extremely cryptic through the trailers, a combat style with multiple options and a development that includes names related to iconic titles such as Metal Gear V, Project Awakening hopes to pleasantly surprise fans of the action RPG .

A world of fantasy, dangers, magic and many fights with swords and knives to transport us to a world of dangers, secrets and disappointments.

Project Ragnarok

The Chinese telecommunications company NetEasy has been trying to get into the world of video games in a definitive and powerful way for some years. The $ 100 million investment in Bungie was a clear demonstration of a strong aspiring player in the industry. Project Ragnarok is an ambitious online role-playing game proposition with production values ??similar to a western triple-A and all the classic tropes and aspects of a local MMO.

Very few details are still known about the story, and it is an aspect that, although it will be very careful to offer adventures full of content, it also invites us to learn about Norse mythology, magic and fantasy. In its gameplay, the developers have opted to reduce repetitive actions as much as possible, a fairly common reason why players leave these online worlds.

2021 an oriental year?

Some of the most anticipated video games of 2021 are from oriental studios. The Japanese, Korean and Chinese game has evolved and today offers some of the strongest proposals for interactive entertainment. This is probably a year where many of the great titles, with a constant presence and many players, come from the East.